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Reliably Target Your Immune Checkpoint Proteins Of Interest

With the right antibodies, you can successfully block immune checkpoint proteins—one of the most promising approaches to activating anti-tumor immunity. As guardians of our cells, immune checkpoint proteins are crucial for maintaining self-tolerance in order to minimize collateral tissue damage. However, they are vulnerable to exploitation and corruption. Tumor cells take advantage of this vulnerability to gain immune resistance, particularly against T cells that are specific for tumor antigens.

If you are looking to block a particular ligand-receptor interaction that initiates an immune checkpoint pathway, you’ll need antibodies you can rely on — especially if you are using in vivo models.

Bio X Cell offers an extensive selection of immune checkpoint blocking antibodies including anti-PD-1, anti-CTLA-4, and anti-PD-L1. Our antibodies are highly pure and have extremely low endotoxin levels with no preservatives or stabilizers, making them ideal for highly sensitive in vivo experiments. Explore our antibodies below!

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