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For more than 25 years, scientists have trusted Bio X Cell as their go-to source for in vivo functional grade antibodies. We take this responsibility to heart and have always focused our efforts on one goal: producing the highest-quality antibodies with the best value possible.

By doing this, we help scientists research with confidence and discover faster.

Setting the Standards for in vivo MAbs

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Flexible Antibody Production and Conjugation Services

We know your research is fast-paced and complex - we are equipped to help. Enlist our experienced team to grow hybridoma cells, customize and purify antibodies in large quantities, freeze and store cells for rapid re-supply, and more. Our platform is customizable, allowing you to select à la carte services that meet the rigor of your experimental design.

Expert Technical Support and Customer Service

With 25 years of experience and over 20,000 product citations, you can be confident that your projects will move forward. Our support team of PhDs has extensive pre-clinical research experience. Whether you need a consultation on the ideal antibody formulation, a technical solution for optimizing assays, or a quote for your next project, you’ll get what you need with lightning speed.


A World-Wide Distribution Network That Delivers

Geography should not be a limiting factor in accessing high-quality MAbs. We’ve worked hard to establish an international network of distributors - now serving more than 50 countries world-wide and enabling us to provide 2-day shipping. Whether you are in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Iceland, or another area of the world, we’ll get you what you need.


Consistently Delivering the Highest Quality in vivo Antibodies

Exceptional Purity: Our optimized, proprietary antibody manufacturing method ensures an ultra-pure antibody solution without added proteins or chemicals. Each lot is QC tested for purity using SDS-PAGE.

Pathogen Free: Each lot of InVivoPlusTM product is screened for an exhaustive panel of murine pathogens. The results are detailed on product-specific datasheets to help you adhere to IACUC and Animal Facility requirements.

Low Protein Aggregation: Our proprietary antibody manufacturing method ensures an antibody solution with very low levels of protein aggregation. Additionally, each lot of InVivoPlusTM product is QC tested for aggregate level and guaranteed to be below 5% of the total protein.

Advanced Binding Validation: We utilize a library of recombinant proteins and our bioassay expertise to validate that each lot of applicable InVivoPlusTM antibody binds strongly and specifically to its target antigen.


"I am totally satisfied with the service Bio X Cell has given us. When anyone asks me for CTLA-4 antibodies, I always refer them to you. I look forward to another 20 years."

- James P. Allison
Co-Recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

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