Antibody Conjugation Services

With our antibody conjugation services, you gain access to a wide selection of antibodies and labels. When you leverage our optimized process, rapid turnaround, and expert consultations, you’ll quickly get high-quality conjugated antibodies ready and specific for your application - saving your team time and expense.

Custom Conjugation Services Delivering Antibodies You Can Trust

You’ve got choices:

  • Antibody — Choose from our catalog or get a custom antibody by leveraging our contract antibody production services.
  • Label — Choose the ideal label based on your application. We can label all or some of the antibodies in your order.
  • Conjugation Chemistry — Select the chemistry that avoids using reagents that influence downstream applications and experiments.
  • Screening and Analysis — All of our MAbs go through a robust QC assessment for purity, pathogen testing, and functionality. Choose additional services if you are working with highly rigorous standards.

As antibody enthusiasts, we are always eager to understand your needs, available to consult on technical solutions, and ready to answer any questions.

Treat yourself with clear signals. Our top-tier antibodies are perfect for your next fluorescence-based assay. We can make conjugates for flow cytometry, microscopy, ELISA, IHC, TR-FRET, and more.

Why Choose Bio X Cell for Antibody Conjugation Services?

Wide Selection Of Labels — We offer an extensive array of fluorescent dyes. Whether you are looking to perform Flow Cytometry, TR-FRET, HTS, Western Blot, or other applications, we’ve got what you need and can help you determine the right label and chemistry.

Custom Antibody Production Capabilities — Labeling is not limited to our catalog selection. We grow your hybridoma cell line of choice to produce, purify, and conjugate custom antibodies with your selected label, and analyze them for pathogens, purity, and performance.

Isotype Control Antibodies — Your data is only as reliable as your controls. We offer isotype control antibodies and the option to conjugate them with your label of choice so you can clearly and confidently identify antibody-specific signals. 

Flexible And Optimized Manufacturing — Our flexible antibody production platform scales to deliver the large quantities required for in vivo pre-clinical research with a rapid turnaround time. Our platform is also customizable, allowing you to choose additional services as required, including cell line storage, ultra-low endotoxin levels, and murine pathogen screening.

Wide Selection Of Antibodies — We have over 300 catalog antibodies readily available for conjugation with your label of choice. Our library of antibodies continues to grow - targeting the most common to some of the rarest targets.

Rapid Turnaround Time — We know that research moves at a fast and precise pace. We’ve optimized our antibody manufacturing and conjugation services for maximum efficiency. Choose Bio X Cell to get the conjugated antibodies you need within 7-14 days.

Experienced Team With A History Of Success — With over 25 years of experience and more than 20,000 product citations, we consistently deliver the gold-standard in antibodies for in vivo use.

Explore the Labels

Fluorochrome 488 490 525
Fluorochrome 555 555 580
Fluorochrome 647 650 665
Fluorochrome 750 749 775
APC (Allophycocyanin) 650 660
APC Cyanine 7 650 785
Atto 490 LS 496 661
B-PE (B-Phycoerythrin) 488 575
Carboxyfluorescein 494 512
Cyanine 5.5 682 702
DyLight® 405 400 420
DyLight® 488 493 518
DyLight® 550 562 576
DyLight® 594 593 618
DyLight® 650 652 672
Europium 8044 320, 340 665
Europium 1024 320, 340 620
FITC 494 512
Pacific Blue 405 455
PBXL-3 614 662
PerCP - Cyanine 5.5 Tandem 483 702
PerCP - (Peridinin Chlorophyll) 483 676
PerCP - Cyanine 7 Tandem 488 580>780
RPC 545 642
RPE (R-Phycoerythrin) 498, 565 573
RPE-Fluorochrome 700 Tandem 498, 566 696
RPE-Cyanine 5.5 Tandem 498, 565 695
RPE-Cyanine 7 Tandem 498, 565 777
RPE-DyLight® 594 Tandem 498, 565 610
RPE-DyLight® 633 Tandem 498, 565 650
RPE-DyLight® 650 Tandem 498, 565 672
SureLight™ 488 496 517
Terbium 320, 340 570
TF5SE (Tide Fluor 5) 649 664
Alkaline Phosphatase
HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase)
Acridinium Ester
Ruthenium (Sulfo-Tag)

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"I am totally satisfied with the service Bio X Cell has given us. When anyone asks me for CTLA-4 antibodies, I always refer them to you. I look forward to another 20 years."

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Don’t see the antibody you need in our catalog, or have hybridoma cells producing your own unique antibody?

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