Transient Antibody Expression Services

Our transient expression services are based in the U.S. With fast turnaround times, around the clock support, customizable offerings, and over 25 years of experience, we are your trusted partner for antibody production needs.

Large Scale Transient Recombinant Antibody Expression Services

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The Bio X Cell Advantage

Affordable & Fast – Developing stable cell lines can take months and comes with a large price tag. Accelerate your timelines by using Bio X Cell’s transient expression services. We are staffed 7 days a week, shortening the time you must wait to run your next experiment.

Lot to Lot Consistency – Hybridoma cells are susceptible to genetic drift, gene loss, and gene mutations which can result in slight changes in binding specificity and antibody affinity over time. Recombinant antibodies have exact DNA sequences, leading to more reproducible antibody production and less variation between lots.

Low Endotoxin – Each antibody we produce is tested for endotoxin. Antibodies are guaranteed to have ≤ 2EU of endotoxin per milligram. Lower endotoxin levels can also be accommodated.

Murine Pathogen Screening – We can screen your custom recombinant antibody for an exhaustive panel of murine pathogens. Results are detailed on the CoA, to help you adhere to IACUC and Animal Facility requirements.

in vivo Ready – Custom recombinant antibodies are ultra-pure and free of preservatives, stabilizers, and carrier proteins, making them ideal for in vivo applications. Does your institution require additional screening for in vivo experimentation? Check out our murine pathogen testing options.

Custom InVivoMAb antibodies – We can take your favorite InVivoMAb and engineer it for better functionality in your end use. Whether you need a different Fc, or a custom mutation, the options are endless when you switch to a recombinant version.

A Partner You Can Trust – Bio X Cell has unmatched experience and skill in antibody production and purification. We are the preferred supplier for companies ranging from research institutions to global pharmaceutical companies and our antibodies have been cited in 1,493 publications.


"I am totally satisfied with the service Bio X Cell has given us. When anyone asks me for CTLA-4 antibodies, I always refer them to you. I look forward to another 20 years."

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