Every year, Yale School of Medicine hosts the Day of Immunology event. This event allows high school students to participate in workshops, tour immunology labs, and hear from distinguished guest speakers about the influence of immunology on daily life. The program is free and open to both Yale Pathways to Science students and high school students from the greater New Haven area.

One of the highlights of the day is the array of interactive workshops tailored to captivate young minds and deepen their understanding of immunology. From the "Invasion Room," where participants navigate the complexities of immune responses to invading pathogens, to "Pandemics & Weird Immune Systems," which explores how we combat global health threats, these workshops provide hands-on experiences that bring textbook knowledge to life.

This year's Day of Immunology featured a special guest speaker, Dr. David Martinez. Known for his contributions to the field of immunology, Dr. Martinez captivated the audience with his insights into the latest advancements and the real-world impact of immunological research.

Bio X Cell proudly sponsors Yale University's Day of Immunology.