Bio X Cell is pleased to welcome a new distributor to our family!


Cell Zion, founded in 2012, is a Chilean company consisting of a team of professionals well suited to identify the needs of their scientific market.  They are standing by for all orders of Bio X Cell's products as well as providing personalized attention to all necessary details. For more information please contact Cell Zion directly.




Address: Nueva providencia 1881-520, Santiago de Chile


Bio X Cell offers clients around the world the highest purity monoclonal antibodies. Based in the United States and serving major research centers globally, Bio X Cell provides monoclonal antibodies, recombinant fusion proteins, and isotype control antibodies for both commercial and academic experiments performed anywhere in Chile. Our monoclonal antibodies are both high in purity (>95%, SDS-PAGE) and low in endotoxin (< 2 EU/mg, LAL test).

Our products do not contain added stabilizers or preservatives so you can use our antibodies in vivo as soon as they are needed.

The Bio X Cell catalog includes InVivoMab™ and InVivoPlus™ product lines as well as ReadyTag™ products, which are designed with the most commonly targeted antigens in mind.