InVivoMAb anti-mouse NKG2AB6 (Clone 16A11)

InVivoMAb anti-mouse NKG2AB6 (Clone 16A11)

The 16A11 monoclonal antibody reacts with NKG2A from C57BL/6 mice, the antibody does not react with BALB/c or 129 mouse strains. NKG2A, also known as CD159a is a type II transmembrane glycoprotein which belongs to the killer cell lectin-like receptor (KLR) family. NKG2A is expressed on NK cells, NKT cells, and activated CD8 T cells. NKG2A forms a disulfide-bonded heterodimer with CD94 that can bind to non-classical MHC class I antigen Qa-1 on target cells and inhibit NK cell activation.

This antibody is useful for:

  • Flow cytometry

Bio X Cell antibodies are specifically formulated for in vivo use and feature:

  • 95% purity
  • Ultra-low endotoxin levels
  • Preservative, stabilizer, and carrier protein-free

Recommended isotype control and dilution buffer:

InVivoMAb mouse IgG1 isotype control, unknown specificity

mouse IgG1 isotype control, unknown specificity


The MOPC-21 monoclonal antibody is ideal for use as a non-reactive isotype-matched control for mouse IgG1 antibodies in most in vivo and in vitro applications.



InVivoPure pH 7.0 Dilution Buffer


InVivoPure™ dilution buffers are specifically formulated and tested to satisfy the stringent requirements for in vivo applications. They are extremely low in endotoxin, have been screened for murine pathogens, tested in animal models for toxicity and are formulated with respect to buffer composition and pH to satisfy the requirements of Bio X Cell’s antibodies.