Bio X Cell is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies’ (FOCIS) Annual Meeting which took place June 18th -21st in Boston, MA. 


FOCIS hosts this annual meeting with the goal of bringing up-and-coming scientists and clinicians into contact with some of the biggest players in the field of translational immunology— from senior research scientists to biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry professionals. Members come from all over the world to participate. This year, FOCIS boasted nearly one thousand attendees from 36 different countries.

Some of these individuals were able to attend the annual meeting in part thanks to grants offered through the FOCIS Student / Trainee program. FOCIS reports that they issued 93 travel awards this year to cover travel expenses related to participation in the Annual Meeting. The FOCIS travel grant allows developing scientists and clinicians to connect with the immunology community and attend world-class lectures on the field of immunological research. In addition, trainees can apply to present their research through the FCE Fusion Trainee Participants Program, giving them the opportunity to show their work in an intimate setting.

Bio X Cell fully supports the FOCIS mission of connecting emerging scientists and clinicians with their more established peers, as well as in the organization’s interdisciplinary research approach to immune-based disease.