Community Dental Care


In Spring 2020, Sullivan County Oral Health Collaborative reached out to the Bio X Cell Fund committee to request funds for a laptop and printer for the Sullivan County Dental Initiative. SCDI provides screenings and on-site preventative care to over 800 children in Sullivan County with a focus on children 1-12. The preventative services offered on-site at Maple Avenue School in Claremont include dental cleanings, temporary fillings, fluoride varnish, and decay stopping fluoride.

As a result of the SCDI initiative, the rate of untreated tooth decay in Claremont 3rd graders has dropped from 64% to 10% over the past 10 years. In that time health providers, under the management of a Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist, have seen nearly every child in the district. The current opioid crisis has had a large impact on vulnerable children, but SDCI’s comprehensive preventative program has consistently kept the untreated tooth decay rate between 10-15%.

In addition to their boots-on-the-ground efforts, SCDI is currently participating in a 5-year NYU / NIDR study. This study is intended to answer the National Institute of Dental Research’s question: “how much of which preventive treatments will increase access, improve health and reduce costs for children in rural America”. By participating in this study, SCDI hopes to provide answers that will help shape future dental health policy.

The Bio X Cell fund is proud to support SCDI and the important contribution they are making to public health!